Scalable sales performance with affiliate marketing agency

Using affiliate marketing instruments, Unanimous Wisdom helps its customers to promote and sell their products in a scalable and cost-effective way. Our responsibility is to find proper advertising partners, negotiate attractive acommissions and strike commercially attractive deals for all parties involved.

About us

What Unanimous Wisdom does as an affiliate marketing agency:

When you have a product that solves a certain problem, we are helping you to find sales partners and customers and digitally finalise agreements.

Additionally, we support you conceptually in defining the terms of your affiliate agreement. As an affiliate marketing agency this way, independently of your performance marketing channels, we generate sales for your product.


Why Affiliate marketing?

An affiliate marketing profitable tool for every company

In affiliate marketing, sales are compensated commission-based. Being a customer, you only pay your advertising partner when sales are generated for you.

Therefore, this form of marketing is fully free of risk, that makes you plan your financial resources precisely and sustainably grow your business. Today affiliate marketing is particularly well suited as an addition to performance marketing and is an integral part of a modern marketing mix.

Our services

Affiliate marketing could be tried by the companies themselves, but they fail after a short time. Real expertise is needed for sustainable success in this field. We have helped numerous companies to gain a significant results using affiliate marketing strategies and build aggressive sales models that increase the results of their performance marketing channels.

Successful affiliate program is reached in four easy steps:

Audit and KPIs

Sales potential of your product will be determined by deep analysis by our team. Having this information, we define specific targets that help to measure the success of the project. We start the implementation when all parties involved agree to the goals.

Strategy implementation planning

We make sure that the implementation plan of the project provides predictable successful results for you. This is the main guideline for the ongoing project, moreover it helps you to evaluate our performance as an affiliate marketing agency.

Cooperation with advertising partners from our network

We have number of reliable advertising partners in our network. When we have implementation plan agreed, we will attract suitable partners to grow the audience for the sales of your product. We never stop searching for partnerships, so if we have no suitable partner for the project, we also are happy to search for one externally.

Implementation, monitoring and support

The step is all about technical implementation and product placement. We are very familiar with tracking links and know exactly which topics are important for every each partner involved. Once the project is on rails, you will have access to regular monitoring and we will give you optimisation suggestions on the way.


Why Choose Us

Yes, Unanimous Wisdom is special and this is why:

For our customers, all projects are 100% risk-free
We are compensated based on our success
We provide performance-based compensation models for you
We determine a fair commission amount for each project